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Hundreds of résumés? No problem. Collect all your resumes in one place and review them at high speed. You'll find it easy to pass on a candidate and quickly move on to the next. Go ahead, hyperfocus on review and decision making. It's good to be choosy!

Screen candidates


You hire people. You don't hire résumés. The best filter for your job search is you, your expertise, your understanding of the position—that's how you find the best people. When you screen job candidates, and promote or reject them the way you want to, you can be more effective.

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You already have a process for getting your jobs out there. That's great! We can help you make it easy to gather all of the candidates to one place!

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We make sure you feel great about our price. We want your business, not all of your money. Choosy is priced like a web app, not like an enterprise solution package system.

Screen candidates