Best Recruitment Apps


One of the most popular business networks today is LinkedIn. It serves as much as a recruiting tool as it does as a platform for job seekers. They have a free mobile app that was originally intended for networking purposes, but has now grown way beyond the scope of that. Recruiters are now able to post their job advertisements, source new job candidates based on work profiles, and connect with them and exchange dialogue. Using the LinkedIn app has invaded nearly every sector of online employment/recruiting activities. According to Bullhorn’s latest statistics, LinkedIn has been used exclusively by almost 50% of all existing e-recruitment bodies, having an average network consisting of 661 connections.


Just think about using a mobile recruiting app with the capability of posting open assignments within just seconds, and having that post contain a picture as well as a 60-second voicemail audio recording. Well, JobSpeek provides recruiters with exactly that. They can increase their talent relationship management into a simple and effective format, all done through the convenience of the smartphone app. The app allows people to create job listings, post them directly onto the some of the top job search engines going like Juju and SimplyHired, and also have their 60-second hiring message included.


This iPhone app gives recruiters the ability to design their own interview questionnaires on their phones and send them to prospective candidates. The candidates are able to view these questions and video their answers at a convenient time and when they’re ready, send them back. The employer may also share those videos with whatever other managers need to see them. This tool is an excellent interviewing platform that brings us into the modern mobile world of people connecting by phone.

The Hire Syndicate

If recruiters want to close deals straight from their mobile devices, and build and manage their trusted split placement networks, or post job vacancies in sri lanka, this specialist agency recruiting tool will give them good service.

JobScience Mobile

Many CRMs are unable to take their candidates through their entire recruitment process. With JobScience’s award-winning product, everything can be handled from pipelining and sourcing, managing candidate relationships, and building social communities, all with just a single mobile app. It is powered by (a social enterprise app from Salesforce). This platform has put mobile recruiting power right in the lap of the pros. The main purpose of this app is for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Anyone who ever needed to be in more than one place at a time trying to build a network of clients and candidates, needs to give beamMe a look-over. beamMe enables recruiters to send out virtual business contact cards to prospects using a mobile app. It can be linked to any social network they choose. They can use it to chat with networks, share location and information, and arrange meetings all utilizing smartphone technology. This is basically what you would call a ‘candidate-sourcing’ app that is loaded with features.

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Nativs Apps vs Hybrid Apps

How to make use of the native tools already provided on each platform for app development.


  1. Better Performance because of phone hardware access.
  2. Better Distribution via a Relevant Mobile App Store.
  3. Full Access to all Native Features.
  4. Better Monetization via Built-in Features in App Store (one-click payments, etc.).
  5. Simpler Development via Platform SDKs.



  1. Because developers have to build totally separate apps for each individual platform the costs and the time for app development melbourne rise drastically.
  2. Due to the fragmentation within the app ecosystem there are high maintenance costs and upgrade costs.
  3. Lower overall revenue because 30% of it goes toward app store fees.


Cross Platform Framework & Tools:

There are several different vendors providing frameworks or tools that will work across multiple platforms. They will still allow access to native features.

Pros – Allows access to most of the native features without having to rewrite an app for viewing on multiple platforms.

Cons – Requires developers to commit to and learn a framework. Being locked in to a vendor can be a bit concerning. You might need to take the ‘least common denominator’ type of approach as opposed to using the best available features on each individual platform.


The hybrid apps are built using the same technologies you see in the development of Web apps. These are mainly JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5, plus a few extension allowing the access of device features like GPS and cameras. The HTML5 (hybrid apps) are packaged up within their own native app ‘wrapper’, and that’s what makes them indistinguishable from the native apps.


  1. You only have to build a hybrid app once and it will run across multiple devices.
  2. All necessary skills are well established within the market already. You can also share skills and code across mobile and Web apps.
  3. HTML5 apps are basically platform independent. That means they’ll work on all phone types.
  4. Cheaper costs along with quicker mobile app development times are attainable due to the apps using common forms of coding languages along with simple web technologies.
  5. The apps are easier to update because users do not have to download additional requirements.
  6. HTML5 is not monitored and requires no approval so the content has no restrictions.
  7. Because these apps get delivered directly via a browser, these HTML5 apps do not incur any fees.



  1. Some limitations exist in accessing native features, non-HTML type capabilities, and performance. This makes it hard to develop things like camera widgets as hybrid apps.
  2. Poorer performance can be expected due to the HTML5 apps having limited access to the hardware of a phone. This especially affects an app’s graphics capabilities.
  3. Monetizing opportunities for these hybrid apps may be limited because of the absence of ‘in-app’ purchases and the ‘paid-app’ feature.



Use your mobile app for the most commonly used functions, then link to more capabilities on your mobile site that can provide you with less commonly used functions.


  1. Gives you a balance of mobile Web and mobile App capabilities.



  1. Might not give you the best user experience because of the ‘switching’ between app and browser.

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ChoosyApp – The Ideal Way to Manage, Choose & Hire the Best

Here’s a quick snapshot of what Choosy does for you.


Screen Candidates

Hundreds of résumés? No problem. Collect all your resumes in one place and review them at high speed. You’ll find it easy to pass on a candidate and quickly move on to the next. Go ahead, hyperfocus on review and decision making. It’s good to be choosy!


You hire people. You don’t hire résumés. The best filter for your job search is you, your expertise, your understanding of the position—that’s how you find the best people. When you screen job candidates, and promote or reject them the way you want to, you can be more effective.

Use Different Job Boards

You already have a process for getting your jobs out there. That’s great! We can help you make it easy to gather all of the candidates to one place!

You Pay Less

We make sure you feel great about our price. We want your business, not all of your money. Choosy is priced like a web app, not like an enterprise solution package system.



  • Creating an account takes less than a minute
  • Review all your applicants in one place
  • Collect as many applicants as you want
  • No long forms for applicants to fill out
  • Be notified through email when you receive a new applicant
  • Invite as many team members as you want
  • Review your applicants and resumes from any browser (you don’t even need to open Word)
  • Review and discuss applicants with team members
  • Log notes, calls, and conversations
  • Take action immediately on new applicants
  • Simple work flow to help you go through applicants effectively
  • Search through your applicants’ resumes (“Who was that guy who worked at Apple?”)
  • Track the status for each applicant
  • Integrate Choosy with your website
  • Integrate your job postings on your site (simple copy & paste embed)
  • Follow job postings and new candidates you care about
  • Easier on the pocket than enterprise tracking systems

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